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EMUN Semi-liquid Global Private Equity

  • EMUN Semi-liquid Global Private Equity („GPE“) is an actively managed private equity fund focused on investing with the largest global asset managers in private markets. The fund's objective is to provide access to off-market investments typically reserved only for large investment institutions such as sovereign wealth funds, university endowments, or family offices.
  • The fund's portfolio is geographically focused primarily on developed markets in USA and Western Europe, offering dynamic exposure across all private equity asset classes, with a focus on Buyout and Secondaries strategies. The portfolio consists of investments in carefully selected funds managed by the world's largest private equity asset managers.
  • GPE’s structure offers simple and immediate access to the largest global transactions outside publicly traded markets. The fund is designed in a semi-liquid evergreen structure with quarterly valuation and liquidity and does not require long-term lock-ups or management of capital calls. As a result, it can serve as a "core" building block in a long-term private equity portfolio.

Fund classes


Historical performance

Fund performance

Fund information

Name EMUN Semi-liquid Global Private Equity otevřený podílový fond
Type Qualified investor fund
Fund Manager EMUN investiční společnost, a.s.
Administrator EMUN investiční společnost, a.s.
Depository Československá obchodní banka, a.s.
Auditor Kreston Audit FIN, s.r.o.
Supervision Česká národní banka
Recommended holding time 5 years 
Risk profile (SRI) 3 from 7 years

Key terms

Class name CZK 
Currency CZK (hedged)
Recommended minimum Investment 10 mil. CZK
Liquidity Quterly 
Management fee 1,2 %
Performance fee 10 % from the profit, hurdle rate 8% p.a., applied on exit
Entry fee up to 25 mil. CZK (first investment) max 2 %
Entry fee more them 25 mil. CZK (first investment) 0 %
Exit fee 0 %